Diversity & Inclusion

Discovering Diversity & Inclusion

At Bunzl Cleaning and Safety, we are committed to focusing our employment procedures and practices on maximising the potential of everyone. We believe that this is best achieved by developing our employees’ talents while recognising their different cultures, perspectives, and experiences. Bunzl supports the principle of equal opportunity and is opposed to all forms of discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion and belief, marriage and civil maternity, citizenship or any other characteristic protected by legal regulation.

Inspiring Women in Bunzl

Our inspiring women network aims to be the catalyst for Bunzl to lead the way in creating a supportive and empowering culture for women to achieve their goals. As well as to support women to thrive and increase the number of women in senior roles in Bunzl.

We lead the way in creating a supportive and powerful culture for women to achieve their goals.

Inspiring Ethnicity in Bunzl

The initiative has developed resources to highlight important cultural events throughout the year.

The creation of equality goes beyond simply treating people fairly. At Bunzl, we believe that accepting and embracing diversity and removing any real or perceived barriers to engagement, will help create an inclusive and positive working environment for all employees.


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